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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The 3 Mistakes of My Life: A Book by Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat, the Indian author, who has two bestsellers under his belt- 'One night @ the call center' and 'Five point someone – What not to do at IIT', is back in the limelight with his latest novel, 'The Three Mistakes of My Life'..

His third book three mistakes of my life is out on the stands, its like a bollywood masala film which has romance, action, drama , tragedy all packed in one to make it interesting and since the author Chetan Bhagat is well hyped and the book is smartly priced, no doubt the publishers will sell a lot of copies but is it a good read? Read on ...

The book starts in dramatic way as Chetan receives an email from Govind the hero of the book, who feels he has reached a dead end in his life and hence has consumed many sleeping pills. Bhagat tracks him down flies down to Gujarat and then starts the story of the three mistakes in govinds life.

The story focuses on the life of three friends as they turn entrepreneurs. Govind is business-oriented, Ishan sleeps and breathes only cricket. And Omi, is is ready to join his friends for almost everything that they are game for. So after wasting enough time, in their lives they reach the stage where they have to have a lakshya. A solution that works for all three of them is to start a sports shop..In the course of running a business, their lives take dramatic turns. And of course there are plots and sub plots going side by side.. one of them is Govinds love affair with Vidya , his best friend ish's sister.

Now with all the tragedy and unfortunate events in their lives, and with a lot of blood and death over religion and politics the story reaches its end. Ishan finds out about his sister Vidya and his best friend Govinds love affair that was on behind his back for which he will never forgive the two. And thus Govind takes sleeping pills and decides to write to Chetan Bhagat out of all the people in the world!

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arpitha said...

Will you get me that book? Not a "FULL" priced one...i hope you got it:-)