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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Love Story 2050: The tech tale

Love Story 2050! As the name of this Bollywood flick hits our eardrums, most of us feel the adrenaline rushing through our bodies. Though we all may have a different reason for it.

May it is the new heartthrob Harman Baweja for some or the charming Priyanka Chopra for the others. But there are also many who are excited about the film’s futuristic and sci-fi promise. So, for those who are waiting to know what this film has got to satiate their tech appetite, here’s something.

Going by the promos, the film promises to take viewers beyond the hottest sci-fi Krissh and every other special effect they saw in an Indian movie. The movie is loaded with special effects and animation graphics.

Touted as the most expensive Bollywood film made till date, the movie teasers hint at a futuristic Mumbai skyline, full of androids, flying cars, robots, laser guns, CGI and course the usual Bollywood spice.

To fulfill the demand for a futuristic backdrop, the movie uses everything from video graphics to SFX. Many of these cost as much as Rs 60 lakhs for a five minute shot.

The film’s opening shot takes viewers into a hi-tech lab where a scientist is shown working on a gadget, Time Machine, which forms a critical part of the film.

Mumbai appears like never before, with Gateway of India getting a swanky new look and skyscrapers that make Manhattan look small. An array of what appears to be robots fill the frame, with a background that carries a surreal appeal.


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