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Monday, June 8, 2009

Why there is delay in adding beneficiary to HDFC Net banking?

Recently HDFC has introduced delay in adding beneficiary to the
third party transfer. Before it just used to take few minutes to
transfer the amount to other persons account. I feel this change has
been made for the account holders safety.

Few months back there was fishing site which cloned HDFC website
looks. They looked very similar to HDFC bank website, but they were not.
What hackers used to do is, they used to send the link to random people,
and people who had HDFC net banking, if he/she enters the customer id
and password, then they are gone. Fishers get these information and they
immediately add their account to user's third party transfer or as
beneficiary and transfer amount to their accounts.

After this incident HDFC has took some firm steps to avoid such incidents.
1. As soon as you enter customer id and HDFC website you will need to
confirm your image.
2. After adding third party beneficiary, account holder will get update
about this to his cell/E-mail and new beneficiary will only be added
after a day. So account holder will enough time to get if there is any
foul play.

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