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Monday, September 7, 2009

How to make your cellphone battery last longer?

While many of us now use mobile phones in place of land-line phones in our homes, the primary benefit of mobile phones remains their portability. A mobile phone is only as portable as its power source, however, so to get the most out of your phone you need to get the most out of your battery. When it comes to battery life, there are two separate, but connected, considerations: how to make the battery last longer between charges, and how to prolong the overall life of the battery. I have few simple recommendation which you can follow.

  1. Turn the phone off. This is probably the most effective and most simple way of conserving your battery’s power. If you don't plan on answering the phone while you're sleeping or after business hours, just turn it off. Do the same if you are in an area with no reception (such as a subway or remote area) or in a roaming area, since constantly searching for service depletes the battery fairly quickly. Some phones have an automatic power save feature, but it takes about 30 minutes with no service to kick in. By then, much battery power has been used.
  2. Stop searching for a signal. When you are in an area with poor or no signal, your phone will constantly look for a better connection, and will use up all your power doing so. This is easily understood if you have ever forgotten to turn off your phone on a flight. The best way to ensure longer battery life is to make sure you have a great signal where you use your phone.
  3. Switch off the vibrate function on your phone, and use just the ring tone instead. The vibrate function uses up a lot of battery power. Keep the ring tone volume as low as possible.
  4. Turn off your phone's back light. The back light is what makes the phone easier to read in bright light or outside. However, the light also uses battery power. If you can get by without it, your battery will last longer. If you have to use the back light, many phones will let you set the amount of time to leave the back light on. Shorten that amount of time. Usually, one or two seconds will be sufficient. Some phones have an ambient light sensor, which can turn off the back light in bright conditions and enable it in darker ones.
  5. Avoid using unnecessary features. If you know it will be a while before your phone’s next charge, don’t use the camera or connect to the Internet. Flash photography can drain your battery especially quickly. If your phone has blue tooth capability, disable it when not in use.
  6. Turn off Bluetooth. BT will drain your battery very quickly, and having it on can cause you problems near virus-infected smartphones.
  7. Same goes for WIFI and GPS if your phone has these features built in. Keep them off when not required, save more power.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Get your Facebook URL

Now you can get your own URL on famous social website, All you need to do is hit and you will be directed to login and upon doing so you will be given some initial options for Facebook user names. If the initial selections aren't what you want, just click on "More" to reveal a field where you can enter your own username and check its availability. If it is available, that's it, just accept it to save your changes.

Remember once you accept the user name then you can not change it. Within seven minutes of the service being available, last weekend users grabbed their favorite user names.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How to speed up your computer..

My PC has been terribly slow since few weeks. After googling I found some ways to boost the performance of the PC.

  • Stop programs from starting when Windows XP starts. The more programs that are running in the background, the slower Windows XP will be running. To stop the programs from running when Windows starts, click "Start->Run" and then type "msconfig.exe" in the Run dialog. Click the "Startup" tab at the top, then uncheck any programs that you don't want to start. If you change your mind, then you can simply re-check the checkbox and the programs will once again start with Windows. Once you have deselected the programs, click "OK" and then the "Restart" button to restart your computer.
  • Modify the Windows XP performance settings. Windows XP allows you to modify certain settings to help increase performance. To access these settings, click "Start->Control Panel->System." Click the "Advanced" tab, and then under the "Performance" section, click the "Settings" button. Within the "Visual Effects" tab, select the "Adjust for best performance" option. Click the "OK" button to close the window, and then "OK" again to close the "System Properties."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Why there is delay in adding beneficiary to HDFC Net banking?

Recently HDFC has introduced delay in adding beneficiary to the
third party transfer. Before it just used to take few minutes to
transfer the amount to other persons account. I feel this change has
been made for the account holders safety.

Few months back there was fishing site which cloned HDFC website
looks. They looked very similar to HDFC bank website, but they were not.
What hackers used to do is, they used to send the link to random people,
and people who had HDFC net banking, if he/she enters the customer id
and password, then they are gone. Fishers get these information and they
immediately add their account to user's third party transfer or as
beneficiary and transfer amount to their accounts.

After this incident HDFC has took some firm steps to avoid such incidents.
1. As soon as you enter customer id and HDFC website you will need to
confirm your image.
2. After adding third party beneficiary, account holder will get update
about this to his cell/E-mail and new beneficiary will only be added
after a day. So account holder will enough time to get if there is any
foul play.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The new brand 'endorser' for Vodafone

No, they aren’t animated characters. They are human beings who were made to wear body suits. “The design of the characters is such that one gets fooled into thinking it is animation,” shrugs Rao, which was indeed the very illusion that had to be created. “In a sense, it is ‘live’ animation!” he quips, referring to the fact that it was all shot live.

Prakash Varma, ad filmmaker, Nirvana Films, has directed the commercials, and reveals that the Zoozoos were a big challenge to create. The practical aspects of how they will move, talk, gesticulate and emote were very important. Essentially, costume design and artwork were crucial elements.

“It took me three weeks of pre-production to understand how it will work,” says Varma. There were two fabrics that were considered for the body suits, and one was rejected for it had too many wrinkles and was shiny. The wrinkles would have shown when the characters moved, thereby shattering the illusion of animation. “So we chose the more practical, thicker fabric,” Varma explains.

The production team divided the outfit into two parts: the body and the head. The body part of the outfit was stuffed with foam in some places, while the head was attached separately. To make it look bigger than a human head, a harder material called Perspex was used, which in turn was stuffed with foam (with scope for ventilation).