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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aamir Khan's way to release stress..

Aamir Khan really get stressed when his movie is about to release. So how does he release the stress? He kisses cigarate to release the stress. Hmmm Aamir's way to release the stress is by "Smoking".

In his blog he has written "

I’ve begun smoking again.

I know you guys are going to kick the shit out of me, my family is already doing that. In fact that’s one of the reasons I haven’t posted for so long, I mean because of my smoking. I didn’t know how to face all of you. I’d want to write about something interesting, but I’d broken my promise to y’all so I’d not know how to get around that, and then I’d just shut my comp.

So I thought let me start by coming clean, and expose my human frailties. I don’t smoke in front of kids, and I don’t smoke in the presence of people who get disturbed with it. Small mercies, I know. But what to do? I get really stressed when any of my films is about to release. I know the music is doing really well and most of you will tell me there is nothing to worry about but it doesn’t work like that. Bear with me folks, I’ll give up once Jaane Tu releases."

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